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Revisited Album Reviews

October 3, 2010

I recently reviewed Waka Flaka Flame’s debut album Flockavelli. My review of this watershed moment in hip hop has left more questions than answers. In an effort to answer those questions, I have decided to revisit my reviews of albums from the past. This is a service for those who in light of my desire a way to properly gauge my enthusiastic review of Flocakvelli.

Plies Drops Another Classic:Da Realist

01. Me And My Goons 4:07
02. **** U Gon’ Do Bout It 3:17
03. Gotta Be 4:21
04. Want It, Need It (Feat Ashanti) 3:50
05. Plenty Money 3:54
06. Family Straight 3:45
07. Make A Movie 3:12
08. 2nd Chance 5:05
09. Spend The Night 3:36
10. Heard Of Me 3:53
11. All Black 4:14
12. Street Light (Feat Sean Garrett) 3:38
13. I Chase Paper 4:12
14. Pants Hang Low 3:56
15. Co-Defendant 4:27
16. Put It On Ya (Feat Chris J) 4:18

There aren’t enough choppas in my rating system to accurately depict the greatness of this album. The goons will definately feel this one. Da Realest is a veritable potpourri of realness, goonery, thuggery, and buggery(no homo) that will only be understood by those who can be defined as real. Plies just shows no signs of letting up with his onslaught against fakes and lames. Da Realest is another shot at the bow of Industry Nigg*s and your favorite rappers. Plies provides certified goons with a classic panty-wetting jam in the form of “Want it, Need it”-featuring Ashanti. He covers all the necessary bases, but that is what is expected from the rap game’s MVP, and modern-day Tupac. This album gets a very rare 9 Choppas.

Universal Mind Control:Common Expect Excuses From Book Reading Niggas

01- Universal Mind Control [03:34]
02- Punch Drunk Love Ft. Kanye West [04:15]
03- Make My Day Ft. Cee-Lo [03:59]
04- Sex 4 Suga [04:03]
05- Announcement Ft. Pharrell [03:46]
06- Gladiator [04:07]
07- Changes Ft. Muhsinah [03:58]
08- Inhale [03:12]
09- What A World [03:58]
10- Everywhere Ft. Martina Topley-Bird [03:15]

Common Stans your fears of another uneven, uninspired, cliched, mediocre album were founded. This album sucks worse than Canada.

It pains me as a Rattler to see Common $ense lose his way like this.
Chicago takes another L, and I ain’t talking about transit.

Dasher gives it only 1 1/2 Choppas

OJ Da Juice Man Reinvents Trap Hop With The Other Side of the Trap

Support The Artists, Buy Their Music….

01. I Be Trappin 02:18
02. Good Night (Feat. Gucci Mane) 04:03
03. Hell Of A Life 04:23
04. Nah Ming 03:08
05. Batman 04:08
06. I’m Gettin Money 04:48
07. Washing Powder 03:52
08. Make Tha Trap Say Aye (Feat. Gucci Mane) 04:19
09. 50 Bricks 03:57
10. Yung Juice 03:36
11. Old School Cars 04:20
12. Cop A Chicken 01:47
13. Banker (Feat. Kourtney Money) 04:15
14. Bouldercrest 04:05
15. Trap Work 04:03
16. Oj Flyest 03:56
17. Yeah (Feat. Kourtney Money, Wooh Da Kid And Keta) 03:04

I was awestruck by the awesomeness of Tha Other Side of the Trap. OJ Da Juiceman, is a poet-hustler-adlib savant, that should have an even larger fan base than he currently enjoys. The album gets 9 Choppas Up.


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