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Please Hammer, Don’t Hurt ‘Em

September 25, 2010

Dr Mr Hammer,

Think about the children Hammer…the young impressionable children. A bi-coastal rap-feud featuring a legend like yourself, and a young brash up and comer like Jay-Z has the potential to incite a Hip Hop civil war at the level not seen since The Ice-T-LLCoolJ War of the 80’s. That conflict claimed 142,000 lives. Do you want that much blood on your hands Stanley? You are a man of the cloth, and men of the cloth have been taking serious Ls all week. Sure you will defeat Jay-Z in a lyrical battle, and if the war goes from cold to hot your decided troop advantage, and military experience all but insures victory on that front. But you have to ask yourself at what cost? I beseech you, please keep The Funky Headhunter retired even though the urge to let Jigga feel your power is overwhelming. Jay-Z was obviously paying homage to you. Please Hammer, don’t hurt em.

Thank your for your time,

The Dash Mane

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