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The Event

August 11, 2010

Per Wiki:

The Event follows Sean Walker (Jason Ritter), a man who, while investigating the mysterious disappearance of his fiancée, ends up unraveling the biggest cover-up in U.S. history.

I have no intentions to watch this show, but a casting choice has piqued my interest. The president in this show, Blair Underwood,  has a elevated levels of melanin, and joins a growing list of what is sure to be a long line of negro television and movie presidents of the USA.

All Praise be to President Palmer!

The trailer for the show, which I will not post, got me to thinking of other actors I would like to see occupy celluloid The Oval Office. Here are the top 3.

Note: Their life stories will be incorporated into show pitches.


A reformed rapper decides that his calling is public service and launches a bid for the Arizona State Senate. His violent rhyme filled rants, unquestionable rants about the unprotected border, and Christian faith make him a darling of The Far Right and Fox News. DMX’s get the big head and launches a bid for The White House. The show chronicles his day to day grind of balancing groupies, his family, battling his demon, and figuring out exactly what these voters want from a nigga.

Patrice O’Neal

America needs an adult-sized Gary Coleman in The White House, and Adult-Sized Gary Coleman needs to star in a prime-time television show.  This show will star him and Sir Mix-A-Lot and primarily be 30 minutes of them eating steak and shrimp and doling out hilarious one liners and ridiculous orders at their staff.

Wesley Snipes

Wesley is America’s greatest living actor. His take on being The Leader of The Free World would be epic. I am talking we are talking Gilgamesh, Iliad, and The Lord of The Rings territory here. Wesley has been kidnapped and replaced by an evil doppleganger who wants to destroy the American way of life by merging with Canada and Mexico. Wesley must escape his captors and expose the fake before it’s too late. Along the way Wes must use his martial arts skill and survival techniques to complete his mission. Will he succeed? Tune in every Tuesday night at 9/8 Central to find out.

Side note: Isn’t it kinda fucked up that the first pic in a post about Black TV presidents is of a white male?

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