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A Twinge of Envy

July 7, 2010

Reasons I am Envious:

  • Homie sees a rainbow.
  • He then realizes it is a double rainbow.
  • Upon further inspection it comes to him that it is a double fucking complete rainbow.
  • The sight of the double fucking complete rainbow moves him to laughter and tears.
  • He may have came.
  • All this happened in his yard.
  • Peeps has an awesome yard.
  • Dude had the foresight to tape this.

Even as a child I never really had the ability to lose myself in the moment, own it, and never let it go. It is nice to see that this man, even if he is possibly on shrooms, still can get caught up in the majesty of something as simple as water droplets in the atmosphere reflecting light ray in a manner that reveals the entire light spectrum. I would love to see his reaction to a plastic bag floating in the wind, or a leaf held aloft by a zephyr on a Mississippi summer day.

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