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Ki Toy Starts Traffic

May 28, 2010

I have been cranking that ignance for about half a year now, even though it feels like I have only been doing it since yesterday. An examination of the search terms that brought people here shows that Ki Toy brings the eyeballs. So I will give people more of what they want:

Some other notes: Pam Grier and her wonderful breast are still popular on the internet after all these years.

The strangest search has to be, “little brother closet saw me masturbate”. I do not know what I posted that could have led google to lead some poor chap here when he made that query. Maybe it was the posts about time machine holleration, knocking off Serena Williams, or Duplex Cookies. The Google Search Algorithm is top secret, so I will never know.

I do know why Google linked me to “The Ball and Ring Experiment”, but I will never say why. It is top secret.

“Kiely William’s Teeth”  sounds like a lame twitter account.

Part of me wonders if the person who had his little brother watch him masturbate from the closet is the same person who searched “justin bieber showing his muscles”.

  • ki toy johnson 41
  • pam grier 14
  • watch me yule 7
  • serena williams booty 6
  • ki toy 6
  • pam grier tits 4
  • ball gag 3
  • 3
  • serena williams’ booty 3
  • kiely williams teeth 2
  • finger condoms 2
  • gatorade flavors list 2
  • justin bieber showing his muscles 2
  • now watch me yule 2
  • kevin stewart fashion 2
  • see-i the king 2
  • serena williams 2
  • toy bow and arrow 2
  • sideny poitier 1
  • houston urbanchat numbers 1
  • ball and ring experiment 1
  • duplex cookies 1
  • mam killing with katana 1
  • 1
  • yules tits 1
  • kevin stewart badass 1
  • little brother closet saw me masturbate 1
  • black cat walking across road 1
  • kevin stewart professor badass 1
  • zulu`s katana 1
  • skype cam watched me 1
  • 1
  • kevin stewart professor 1
  • kitoy johnson 1common and serena williams 1
  • webcam asia roulette 1
  • booty pop cotton bum pant 1
  • bow and arrow games 1
  • spiked knuckle knife 1
  • swiss army knife 1
  • professor badass 1
  • serena williams pussy 1
  • ki toy johnson ass 1
  • plastic+katana 1
  • watchme wepcam 1
  • debbie allen phylicia rashad 1
  • bow and arrow crossing 1
  • serena williams shoes 1
  • ki toy johnson in black 1
  • daryl dawkin allstar game outfit 1

Well enjoy your Memorial Day Weekend.

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