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A World Without It’s Bard

March 23, 2010

Has the world seemed a little gloomier than usual? Have flowers been not so bright, the sun shrouded in clouds? A pall has fallen over our world…a dense fog of Babbitry that is obscuring our ability to see what we are missing…A free Radrick Davis. His confinement consitutes a war crime, a sin against nature, and an egregigous example of hating going too far.  Earth 616 needs as many of it’s zeitgeist changing talents as possible to be out beautifying the world with their skills. Sure we have his immense back catalog to tide us over until the powers that be see fit to release him to continue his movement, but it is not the same. We will always have to wonder if we have been robbed of his prime, and if the world will recover from missing out of the contributions that he was sure to make to our collective conciousness. Oh what could have been…He is Ali, Bernard King, and El Debarge all rolled up into one. Gucci had, and still has the potential to fundamentally change our world for the better.


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