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So I Turn on My Webcam…

March 7, 2010

And all manner of ratchedness ensues. I am not naive, The Good Reverend has long known that the internet is full of all manner of depravity, fuckery, and assorted things of that nature. But, I was still surprised by some of the things I encountered after my nephew showed me that my laptop had a built in webcam.


You see, my nephew all of nine years old, has an account at Urban Chat, where the streets are apparently talking. Holler at him, he is MannyP_07, or something of that nature. He does not look old for his age, so the 17 year old young lady who was flashing him her breasts on her webcam should be…well I don’t know I was kind of proud of him for having the game to make that girl go wild, but that is neither here nor there…or is it?

Anyhow I shoo him away from the comp and crack my knuckles and see what I can do with this cam. It was time for me to forsake the club. I removed my icy white T and placed it back into it’s plastic packaging and began to get my conversate on..all Hell naw breaks loose. Before the night was over I probably had set the record for most white penises seen in 6 seconds, and was race baited thanks to Chat Roulette, I was flashed by a lot of chicks who would get play by Tillicum, watched a chika play with herself on Skype, and you know what? I was not shocked at all. That scares me a bit. I was at best mildly amused, and in some instances turned on. The poontang was fat, and some of those big girls had shapes.

The wangs: As soon as I began the roulette game, I was greeted, with a man masturbating, I clicked next saw another, clicked it again, saw another, the next 5 clicks yielded more masturbating males. After clicking again I saw a group of white chicks, but I was a bit thrown off by the wangs that I nexted them based off their skin tone.

The race baiter: After I nexted the group of snow bunnies, I came into the company of a Asian female. She could have been anywhere from 7 to 40. I can never tell with them…(No Imus) She went into her piss a brother off repertoire, which is very limited. Chicken, watermelon, and cotton jokes in 2010? She really needed to step her game up. The only funny thing was her genuine shock at finding out that I had never seen cotton before. After her shtick did not get a rise out of me, she eventually broke character and we had a nice short chat. She told me how articulate I was and marveled at my ability to remain calm in the face of her baiting. Roffles.

The Orcas: I return to Urban Chat, only to find that the tenders that my nephew were talking to were no where to be seen. In there place were Tilly’s ho-scroll. I contemplated leaving immediately, but I would not be the Zulu male that I am if I were to turn down the chance to see new, strange, and random tits. It was a buffet of stretch marked breastases. I got my fill and moved on too…

Skype: After tweeting my Skype handle, someone sent me a random request. After a some awkward banter on her part, whatever she was on kicked in and she started to play with her poontang. Jack pot! It bears repeating…Jack pot! Her show lasted for about 20 minutes. I enjoyed it, and that concluded my night of fuckery. I wound down with another Skype convo with an e-peep that was a nice change of pace, as no vaginas and tits were shown, even though I would not have been opposed to seeing them. 😉

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  1. March 7, 2010 1:55 pm

    Wow, I guess that is why my wedcam has collected a nice layer of dust. I only turn it on briefly to talk to the few friends that I allow to view everything I do.


  2. April 4, 2010 1:00 pm

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