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Addendum: Why I Look Forward To Being An Old Black Man

February 24, 2010

Professor Bad Ass 1

Professor Bad Ass 4

When writing this post I should have included this picture. It has been circulated on the interwebs for a long time now, but the focal point of it, Kevin Stewart, epitomizes the upside of age. His recklessly fashionable ensemble has ever person on the street enthralled. The normally center-attention-whore Terrell Owens is content to look on in awe, showing his respect to a man willing, and able to rock rolled up leaves and pink loafers, while eschewing walking on the sidewalk like you mortals. If a young man were to wear that ensemble, it if he did not succumb to the scourge of that is E.F.P or Excessive Flyness Poisoning, he would be dogged with rumors regarding his sexuality, and questions about his sanity.Only with the proper age, and the leeway that is gained from it can a man rock such a health endangering ensemble without fear of death and mockery. Kevin Stewart, old ass nigga, pusher of envelopes, and professor of baddasery, I salute thee.

Here is a color free template of The Professor so that you can experiment with the coloration of his iconic fit.


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